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Could You Forgive the Man Who Killed Your Son?

The following testimony was written by Rev. Martin Odi, an African minister whose son was murdered and the grace God gave him and his wife to forgive the killer in person. After 20 years of pastoral ministry, Martin now serves with Equipping Pastors International in East Africa. A MUST READ.

Testimony on Forgiveness
By Rev. Martin Odi

In the past I have shared with some of you about what happened in our family in 1996. Our first born son, Bildad, who was then age 14, was maliciously poisoned by our neighbor about eight months after I had taken office as the Bishop of the PAG churches in Kumi district, an area of 2681 sq km in the northeastern part of Uganda in East Africa.

We were left with two sons. One was not even a year old and very weak as he was born pre-mature under very bad circumstances. I kept asking God “WHY?” I cried out loud and burnt with anger inside. This went on for years but I had no intention at all for revenge. However, I remained very bitter toward God and myself! I t…


Every so often we come across a text that is understood one way but when we examine it in its original context find it means something different. When preachers speak on the text, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways” (Isaiah 55:8) most draw a parallel to one of two things. One is evangelism. The preacher uses the verse to point out to non-Christians that their thinking and lives are wrong. So they need to change and go God’s way.

Another way this text is interpreted is to say that in the midst of suffering you cannot understand God, so you must resign yourself to suffer; resign yourself to the fact that God knows what he’s doing. This last way is how the text is most often used: to express that when life has turned sour it makes no sense to question God, for his thoughts and ways are so far above yours that even he wanted to tell you why you’re suffering you wouldn’t get it.

But this last interpretation is the opposite of what the text was originally me…

Little More on New Art Book

Here is the cover for my little booklet, Art to the Glory of God (available in the coming weeks). You know, not only art, but also all things are to be done to God's glory, including eating and drinking (1 Corinthians 10:31). Have you considered that every time you take a sip or take a bite, you can do it to magnify the awesome God of heaven and earth? I'll bet you've heard this idea but really haven't thought it through. Nor have you thought it through to its logical conclusion: that God wants all of us...every bit of us, and that that every bit is an expression of our worship of him. If God expects something as seemingly mundane as consuming calories to be carried out to his glory, then ought we not spend more time considering how every area of our lives ought to reflect honor to his glorious name?

Please think and pray on it.

An African Responds to Obama and Abortion

The following letter was written by a Ugandan pastor not long after the election of President Obama. The substance of the letter is a response to Obama's signing of a law that allows funding for the killing of innocent unborn children in foreign countries. Though months old, the letter continues to represent an essential position in our public discourse regarding abortion. This letter should be read throughout the world.

The impression in our world is still growing with the election of Obama as the first black president of the USA. Almost all people have gigantic hopes that the relations of USA and other nations will begin to change to the better; but the relation of America and the unborn children has again become very bitter.

The man we have hopes in has in less than 2 weeks in office signed a law allowing funding for killing of innocent unborn children in foreign countries! This is the man and his team who claim that they will bring peace to the Middle East and stop the killing …

My New Book on Art

I have a new book, actually a booklet, coming out very soon. It's called Art to the Glory of God (Wifp and Stock). It is written for Christian artists who are looking for more than theory about Christianity and art. The booklet offers practical steps the artist can take to do art to the glory of God. Below is the Introduction to the booklet which will give you the general idea. I hope you will look for it when it comes out, likely in February/March.

Years ago, I was privileged to be a student at the Yale University Institute of Sacred Music. The Institute is an interdisciplinary think-tank that is shared by the Yale Divinity School and the Yale Graduate School of Music. I attended classes in both schools. The principle focus of the Institute is to further study and dialogue on the relationship of Christianity and culture. My role at the Institute also permitted me to take courses at the department of Christianity and the Arts, where I studied art history (principally …