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Mission Africa 2010

My most recent opportunity to serve in East Africa was filled with challenges and blessings. The first conference with Equipping Pastors International (EPI) was in Murang'a, north of Nairobi. There over 100 pastors with the Christian Foundation Fellowship gathered to hear sessions on family and marriage. My contribution was on the subject of the Cultural Mandate and its relationship to the Great Commission. Anytime I have had the opportunity to express what Scripture says on this important issue the result is generally the same. In the words of one pastor, "Our minds are being opened to see things in the Bible we've never seen before."

There is already some early discussion about my return to this area of Kenya to speak further on these key issues, in that the pastors are eager to hear more of what the Bible says about the scope of the gospel for the "whole of life."

That Sunday I was invited to preach at Covenant Presbyterian Church, which also served as t…