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Feelin' the Bern is Losin' our Freedoms

With Democrats "feelin' the Bern" some people need to burrow beneath the promise of "free stuff" and recognize socialism for what it really is. 

Socialism insists on a planned economy with central planners. The only way for the plan to work is if everyone is on board. That's because even one chink in the armor of the planned economy is enough to threaten its success. 

But a free people naturally disagree. "Who will be the planners?" "How shall we order our priorities?" And there's the problem. It's impossible to achieve universal commitment to the plan from a free people. 

So dissenters are first marginalized, then dehumanized, then when that doesn't work, they are crushed. Goodbye America! 

So, if you're "feelin' the Bern", feel this. A note for Bernie is a vote for totalitarianism. Wake up America!