Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Little More Chutzpah Please

Since the Court's decision on same-sex marriage, I’ve read numerous writings by pastors about how the church should respond. In general, they say we should be clear that the gay lifestyle is wrong, but as well we should be compassionate, loving, gracious, fence-builders, and ready to offer a defense of the faith. 

All of these qualities are certainly Christian. But what is lacking is a sense of urgency. That is, a perception of the serious, alarming, and destructive impact the current institutionalization of immorality poses to the health of this nation and to churches. Pastors may as well be counseling us on “How to engage non-Christians at the community yard sale.” 

But there’s a world of difference between how one engages unbelievers at a social gathering and Jim Elliot’s posture before the Auca Indians. Our public posturing on homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and soon transgender-ism, can say all the right things. But unless the church responds with a bit more chutzpah to the normalization of sexual perversion, plan on our aloof, theological propriety being overrun by a sweeping and zealous anarchy. 

I recall the day of 9/11. As soon as I heard word of the attack, I ran around the North building of Campus Crusade for Christ, as if in a panic. As I moved down the hall, I noticed a lady from HR interviewing a young lady as both sat comfortably on a couch. They seemed indifferent to the most violent and shocking attack on this nation since Pearl Harbor. 

Perhaps they hadn’t heard. So I interrupted their discussion, and asked with great earnestness, "Did you hear what happened?" As if perturbed by my interruption, the HR rep responded, "Yes, we know!" I'm sure she could have told me how to be "compassionate, loving, gracious, a fence-builder, and ready to offer a defense of the faith." But it was her dispassionate quietism that spoke loudest. As she turned back to speak with the young lady, literally before Tower 2 had fallen, you would have thought 9/11 to be the equivalent of a tree falling in the Central Florida scrub. 

So, I'm asking, pleading, for a little more “chutzpah.” Of course, the same plea has been made by others regarding the war to save the unborn, and a host of other things. We always have the right response. But do we join right words with right action? If not, what’s missing? Passion. Remember this: Only the passionate are risk takers. And only risk takers are world-changers. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The End To Marriage!

If you think that the Homosexual community's only interest in marriage is equal rights, you're wrong. Listen to this leader in the lesbian community, Masha Gessen, admit, to full applause, the real agenda: the compelte elimination of marriage as an institution.


My Facebook Exchange With a Homosexual

I recently had this exchange with a homosexual on FB. I think this should be our direct answer to anyone in, or who supports, this sin. It's the gospel. The homoexual is replying to someone else when I chimmed in. Let this be our most central and loving response to all who oppose God's creation ordinance of marriage between a man and woman. 

Gay man: “Making it to where gays can get married (Like myself) isn’t a privilege. It is EQUAL RIGHTS. A privilege would be 'Gay people don’t have to pay taxes.' You know, like Churches.
You are allowed to have your beliefs all you want too, but when it comes down to equality, if your religion doesn’t support it, shut your mouth. There are about 1500 Gods out there in this world, and you believe in 1 of them. You are about as atheist as everyone else."

John: "There is really good news. God loves you. He really does love you. So much so that he took the form of a man. And as a man, the man we know as Jesus Christ, he sacrificed himself so that you and I can be forgiven and be reconciled to our heavenly Father. Christ died for our sins. He bled and died, taking upon himself all the guilt and condemnation due us for living apart from him. He then rose triumphantly from the dead, thus conquering death so that we can have new life in his name.

What he did is applied to our lives by faith. "For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God" (Eph. 2:8). That means that if you trust that Christ died and rose again for you personally, not just for the world, but for you personally, and that what he did is ALL you need to be forgiven of your sins, you are instantly forgiven and Christ comes to live in you.

There may be 1500 gods. But all of them call upon us to make various sacrificial acts in order to appease them. The problem is that we can never do enough. Plus they are fabrications. The living God appeased his own anger against our sins by taking all our sins upon himself whereby he died with them, once-and-for-all. Imagine. The offended party met the standard of his own justice by taking the role of the accused (you and me). That is mercy, full and free.

I don’t expect you to accept the Good News of the Gospel. It is utter foolishness to people, as it was to me. That is, until God changes our hearts to understand it. My hope for you is that He will shine His light of understanding into your heart and mind and that you will see the unparalleled love of the Father as it is demonstrated at the cross of Jesus. Be blessed." 

I did not hear back. Not yet.