Sunday, June 28, 2015

We've Lost America... Unless

Many Christian people, troubled over the Supreme Court's decision to give formal recognition to same-sex marriage, have been discussing the next steps.

Here's our problem:

Most Christians in the U.S. are first and second generation believers without a legacy of suffering for the gospel. They have been fed a steady diet of entertainmement, leadership principles, dead tradition, and mollified spirituality. Most do not evangelize. They rarely pray except in the face of a crisis. And they are not schooled in spiritual warfare. They have not been tested.

That's not the sort of training that makes for warriors for Christ.

Worse yet, too many church-goers have gone on record supporting the Court's decision! Let me tell you. Our nation is weak abroad because we are weak at home. How can we stand against immoral threats to freedom abroad when we celebrate immorality at home?

To turn back the tide of institutionalized immorality and see true spiritual revival and reformation in America will require those who do know the nature of true discipleship to be what I have called a "sacrificial generation." These will lay the foundation for a new Christian era in America. Given the rabid homosexual militancy that will undoubtedly seek to silence these disciples, the new foundation will likely be laid at tremendous personal expense; perhaps even the blood of the Saints.

As a close friend wrote to me, "We must pray with tears and sweats of blood to produce another generation of Christians, and the unity of the Body must bring this to pass."

This way we can recover a nation that "once walked in the power of God and shook the world."

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