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Ten Reasons John Maxwell is Wrong John Barber, Ph.D

I just watched a video produced by John Maxwell. His principles are used in churches and in the corporate world. Let me tell you what I think is wrong with this video. 
1 God does not call us to "be more" but to decrease that Jesus may increase. 
2. Pastors aren't called to "coach" people but to shepherd them. 
3. We're not called to inspire people to "greatness" but to holiness.
4. Inspirational leadership is not the only way to influence Christians. God has given us church discipline.
5. Our desire should not be to leave "our mark on the world" but to be faithful. 
6. The Church is not a business. It's the Body of Christ.
7. If you expect your teaching to be equally effective in both the corporate world and the Church, there's something wrong with your teaching. 
8. "Success" is not always defined by upward trends. God accomplishes his ends just as easily in our defeats.