Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bill Maher is Not a Sinner

Bill Maher, a standup comedian, talk show host, political commentator and atheist, and who set out to mock God in his movie, Religulous, said during an interview on cable TV last night, "I'm not a sinner." That would put him in rather rare company, along with the only person who truly never sinned, Jesus Christ. But of course Maher prefers not to be in the company of Jesus Christ. So it would appear that Maher has backed himself into a corner. Is he sinless like Jesus or not? If not, then perhaps he should embrace Jesus' teaching that the heart is full of sin (Mark 7:21-23), a problem which only faith on Christ can cure (John 14:6). But if he is just like Jesus; he is sinless, then maybe he can perform the miracle MSNBC needs to bring its ratings up to those of FOX.

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