Friday, April 17, 2009

An American Sounds Off

I am a 70 year old American. Yesterday I took part in the first political demonstration that I've cared enough to join since 1961. I went to a TEA party. In my career I was fortunate enough to travel to over 50 foreign countries, and I developed a deep respect and love for the greatest country on the planet, the United States of America.

My feelings now are for my government, not my country. They are anger, frustration and shame:

• Anger that my government, the administration and the Congress are spending money at a rate that will destroy the future of my children and grandchildren.

• Anger that my government, Democrat and Republican alike, will not exercise the fiscal responsibility that we private citizens must.

• Frustration that my government will not listen to the warnings.

• Frustration that politicians promise reform and responsibility, and once in office, these promises are forgotten.

• Frustration that our elected officials are more concerned with re-election than the welfare of the country.

• Shame that my government is again going down the road of appeasement. Any day I expect to see the president or secretary of state come home from abroad waving a paper and proclaiming “Peace in our time.” It didn’t work before and never will.

• Shame that my government is abandoning the principals and documents upon which it was founded.

• Shame that my government has lost its moral compass.

I fear for my country. It cannot survive on its present course. It will come under the control of the countries that hold our enormous debt or we will be forced to devalue our currency until it is no longer the world standard. We will have hyper-inflation that will destroy us.

Therefore, I solemnly promise you, my elected president, senators, representatives, governor and all officials, federal, state, and local, charged with fiscal responsibility, that I will watch your voting record, and if you continue this insanity, I will vote you OUT. I will join with others and urge everyone that I know to do the same. I will no longer be part of the SILENT majority. God bless and God save America

James Zetler
Jupiter Florida

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