Monday, June 29, 2015

When the Pillars Are Removed

Years ago, Robert Bork wrote the book, Slouching Toward Gomorrah. In time, we starting running toward Gomorrah. Now we’re there.

But now that we’re here, a large problem faces freedom-loving people. Tyranny. Let me explain.

It’s clear that most American policymakers have rejected the “laws of nature.” The internal rationale of nature that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman is now being suppressed so severely, it’s as if “Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb” can be answered any way you want. And guess what? You’re all right. There are no wrong answers. I mean, we wouldn’t want to infer that any one’s personal moral choices are wrong, would we?

Most American lawgivers also now reject the laws “of nature’s God.” Biblical morality has no place in American jurisprudence.

Then there is written law. Judges no longer “interpret” the law. The create it. That was made clear when Chief Justice John Roberts fixed Obamacare to make it work. That caused Justice Antonin Scalia to call the Court’s ruling “SCOTUScare.”

And now with the recent Court ruling on same-sex marriage, even common law is gone.

So there you have it. Natural Law, God’s Law, Written Law, and Common Law—all have been extricated from the American way of life. We are no longer a nation of laws. We are a nation of men and of tyrants. So how will we be ruled now that the pillars have been removed?

What we are left with is whoever can get to the power and force their will on us wins. May God help us!  

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