Monday, July 27, 2009

Tax-Payer Funded Abortion

from First Care Family Resources...

I know many of you are enjoying your summer vacations; however, there is something very ugly brewing in Washington that we need to be aware of. We need to take action IMMEDIATLEY!

You have heard a lot on the news recently about the new health care bill. It is troubling on many levels. Most disturbing is that the wholesale provision of abortion is embedded in this proposal.

In a nutshell - the new health care bill seeks to define abortion as mandatory health care. More than once, this bill was referred to as FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) by stealth. Since there has been so much public opposition to this act, the new health care bill would effectively slip into the bill some of the cornerstones of FOCA. The result would be:

1. The biggest expansion of abortion since Roe v Wade.

2. All tax payers forced to pay for abortions through our tax dollars.

3. All private health plans mandated to provide abortion coverage. This means that all employers would be forced to offer a health plan that covers abortion on demand (including ministries like First Care and churches).

4. There would be no room for conscience in providing abortion - meaning that health care professionals would be forced to offer this "basic health care" or lose their license to practice.

The ramifications of this are staggering on so many levels. What I just can't get my hand or heart around is: when did we as Americans decide that killing our unborn was health care? It isn't curing a disease or providing any kind of care!

Obama and his followers must be stopped on this issue - 51% of Americans say they are pro-life - 71% are opposed to tax payers funding abortion. Our government is NOT representing the majority. Planned Parenthood will receive billions if this happens - they will become incredibly powerful where right now their influence is actually shrinking!

During the month of August when Congress is on break, I strongly encourage you to join me in letting our voices be heard by contacting our senators and representatives and telling them we do not want health care coverage to pay for abortion! The more insistant the voice the better chance to be heard. I encourage us all to be part of this loud voice and encourage others to do the same!

God will have the ultimate victory, but for today He would have us speak for those who cannot. God bless you for all you do to care for the unborn and their moms and dads.

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