Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My New Book

The Road from Eden: Studies in Christianity and Culture by John Barber

Here's a statement regarding the book by Dr. John Frame, professor of Philosophy and Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida.

"With an encyclopedic knowledge and a sharply discerning eye, John Barber analyzes here the whole history of Western culture, including art, music, philosophy, theology, science, and politics. Further, these analyses are not superficial, as one might fear, but solid and substantive. I found the book a great learning experience, even when John's interests overlapped mine, as in philosophy and theology. There is a great sweep to this discussion that we usually associate with mega-thinkers like Toynbee. There has never been anything like this in evangelical Christian circles. Francis Schaeffer tried to analyze civilization and culture comprehensively in How Shall We Then Live? But Barber's work is far more detailed, far more knowledgeable, and far more careful in its analysis. --John Frame

To purchase the book, go to and click on "Bookstore."

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